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Our logo is not our brand, but it is the instantly recognizable symbol of the brand.

Our Logo

Our identity is anchored by a solid block shaped “B”. This symbol is referred to as the logo mark. The logo mark is divided in two by a stroke that begins from the top right and ends at the bottom left. The mark is filled with a solid gray color. The mark is supported by the word “Beeline”. This symbol is referred to as the logo text. The logo text is built with a custom font that is based off the font family Gotham. The logo text is filled with a solid green color often referred to as the “Beeline Green”. This green is referred to as “Green Primary” in our color palette.
Beeline mark
Beeline horizontal logo
Beeline text logo

Logo Guidelines

  • Don’t add additional shadows or lighting effects, modify colors, or change the orientation.
  • The mark and text can be used independently of each other.
  • When using the combined horizontal layout, the mark should always appear on the left and the text on the right.
  • Do not place the logo on a background that hinders it’s visibility.
Beeline logo color modified

Color Modification

Beeline mark poor visibility


Beeline old logo

Shadows, Lighting effects, color modification


Shadows, Lighting effects, color modification

Beeline logo orientation modified


Beeline logo poor visibility


Product Logos

Our products are how we deliver our award winning solutions to our clients, and each product logo represents hours of planning and hard work by our colleagues. It’s very important that our product logos stay consistent so that they are easily recognizable as a Beeline product.

product logo diagram


  1. Every product logo starts with the Beeline text. We never put the mark with a product logo only the text, and we never use icons to represent a product
  2. The product name uses the font Gotham and the weight is bold
  3. Gotham is a difficult font to work with due to it’s unequal letter heights. It’s the designers job to find a good letter height that is as close to the Beeline text height as possible
  4. When a product name has more than one word in it, the words should be separated by equal distances. To find the correct distance, we use the letter ‘n’ from the Beeline text

Product logo light version
Product logo dark version


Product logos come with two color schemes and we expect them to be used based on what provides the best visibility. The font color that works best on light backgrounds is our standard primary text color #4b4b4b The font color that works best on dark backgrounds is pure white #ffffff