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The font family we’ve chosen to use should be consistently applied across both digital and print mediums

We design our products to be easy to consume, and to ultimately help our user’s achieve their goals in the easiest manner possible. For that reason, we’ve chosen a combination of font families that works great on devices of any size, as well as print materials.


At the center of all great content is a legible typeface. Our brand leverages Lato for all things digital and also in supportive roles in print. The Lato font family is a clean sans serif typeface that has great readability at small and large sizes. It supports multiple line weights and has clear professional design. It is available to download for free on Google Fonts.

Mobile Applications, Lato, and i18n

For mobile development, to ensure consistency with our international clients, developers may use whatever native font comes packaged with the platform they are developing on as long as it meets our clients cultural, regional and language needs. This document is to serve as a guide. However we expect our developers to use their best judgement in situations where our font guidelines cannot, for whatever reason, be applied exactly as documented without impacting the success of the product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Talk to support.

Arial – Our System Fallback Font

There are situations where a system font is necessary. A good example is the use of Power Points in our sales demos. It’s not always possible to embed our preferred Lato font. For situations were embedding Lato is not an option the fallback font should be Arial. Please note this fallback does not include Arial Black or Arial Rounded or any other version of Arial other than the standard Arial Font.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. Talk to support.


When the Beeline brand was redesigned it came with a custom type treatment that was based on Gotham. While Gotham maybe a good font for print, we found it to be a difficult font to work with in digital. This is partly do to it’s uneven x-height and inconsistent baseline which creates less than optimal legiblity at small sizes. Since Beeline is a customer driven technology company, and our user experience is critical to our success, we decided to limit our use of Gotham to only product logos. Currently, that is the only use of Gotham in our entire design system. So unless you are designing a new product logo, you most likely will not need to install the Gotham font.