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Getting Started

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The Beeline Design System is our design voice. To learn how to speak our language and get our tools into your workflow, we recommend you get started in the following order.

Learn About Our Brand Identity

Understanding who we are and where we come from as a global brand will give you a foundation around what our products mean to us and our clients. This section includes the color palette used in both marketing and development. The voice & tone we create for our user’s to hear. The fonts and imagery style we use, and how to keep our product logos consistent over time. Our Brand Identity

Study Our UI Guidelines & Patterns

Here you will learn about the UI elements we use to build our products, their structure, their purpose, and see examples of them in use. UI Guidelines & Patterns

Design Product Interfaces in Sketch

We’ve built a framework around the design tool Sketch that will allow you to leverage the patterns and guidelines we’ve documented. It has all the UI elements, colors, typography and a large number of templates for you to get started from. Head over to our Sketch documentation to learn how to get a license and download the sketch files. Sketch Libraries

Start Building With Our Vue.js UI Library

Built on the popular framework Vuetfiy. Our Vue.js library will get you building great user experiences in no time Vuetify UI Library

Get Icons

We leverage the very popular icon framework FontAwesome. Learn how you can get access to the pro version and all the icons you’ll need to develop your products Icons – FontAwesome

Still Have Questions or Feedback?

If you have questions or feedback head over to support and drop us a line. Visit Support