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Our colors are part of our design language. When used correctly they improve communication, re-enforce out brand, and enhance the user experience.

Our Color Story

When Beeline and IQN merged in 2017 the two companies had considerably different brand colors. Beeline’s colors where powered by a bright green and supported by dark grays and blacks. IQN’s primary color was a royal blue and was mainly supported by other shades of blue. The merger gave us an opportunity to focus on converging the two brands. Our product design team worked hard to find a balance that would allow our products to stay consistent and easy to consume, while promoting a converged experience. Our color palette is just one of the many ways for us to showcase convergence. We use colors to add support to our messaging and to elevate the user experience. For us, what matters most is that you use the best color that is suited to the message you are trying to convey. Here you will learn what our colors are and how we use them.

Our Blues

Our blues provide a solid foundation for our products. We use them for links, underlines, backgrounds, buttons and to highlight special areas. 

Blue 5
Hex: #001b38
RGB: rgb(0,27,56)
Pantone: 282 C
Blue Accessibility
Hex: #0352a0
RGB: rgb(3,82,160)
Pantone: 2945 C
Blue Primary
Hex: #0575e6
RGB: rgb(5,117,230)
Pantone: 285 C
Blue 1
Hex: #4fa7ff
RGB: rgb(79,167,255)
Pantone: 279 C
Blue 2
Hex: #85dfff
RGB: rgb(133,223,255)
Pantone: Blue 0821 C
Blue 3
Hex: #ecf5ff
RGB: rgb(236,245,255)
Pantone: 656 C
Blue 4
RGB: rgb(251,253,255)

Our Greens

Our greens are used as our primary action color and in supporting roles.

Green Accessibility
Hex: #445a1b
RGB: rgb(68,90,27)
Pantone: 371 C
Green Primary
Hex: #77b800
RGB: rgb(119,184,0)
Pantone: 376 C
Green 1
Hex: #8fbe39
RGB: rgb(143,190,57)
Pantone: 368 C
Green 2
Hex: #f4fbe8
RGB: rgb(244,251,232)

Our Reds

Reds are used to highlight dangerous activity and add more meaning to alerts and notifications. They are also used in a supporting role for some elements. 

Red Accessibility
Hex: #842924
RGB: rgb(132,41,36)
Pantone: 181 C
Red 1
Hex: #be3a34
RGB: rgb(190,58,52)
Pantone: 180 C
Red 2
Hex: #ffdad8
RGB: rgb(255,218,216)
Pantone: 705 C

Our Oranges

Similar to our reds, oranges are also used to highlight warning activity, add more meaning to alerts and notifications, and are also used in a supporting role for some elements. 

Orange Accessibility
Hex: #6a4006
RGB: rgb(106,64,6)
Pantone: 732 C
Orange 1
Hex: #db850a
RGB: rgb(219,133,10)
Pantone: 7564 C
Orange 2
Hex: #f4ab43
RGB: rgb(244,171,67)
Pantone: 804 C
Orange 3
Hex: #ffe2b8
RGB: rgb(255,226,184)
Pantone: 7401 C

Our Neutrals

Our Neutral Shades are mainly used for backgrounds and fonts.

Black 1
Hex: #000000
RGB: rgb(0,0,0)
Pantone: Black 6 C
Black 2
Hex: #091b1f
RGB: rgb(9,27,31)
Pantone: 7547 C
Font Primary
Hex: #4b4b4b
RGB: rgb(75,75,75)
Pantone: 7540 C
Gray 1
Hex: #4f5053
RGB: rgb(79,80,83)
Pantone: 425 C
Gray Disabled
Hex: #bdbdbd
RGB: rgb(189,189,189)
Gray 2
Hex: #cccccc
RGB: rgb(204,204,204)
Pantone: 427 C
Gray 3
Hex: #f1f1f1
RGB: rgb(241,241,241)