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Voice & Tone

How we speak to our clients and how our written word is communicated reflects who we are as a company and brand. Our communications feel new, contemporary and crisp, reinforcing our focus on innovation and our leading-edge technology. They are never faddish, inauthentic or edgy.

As a company, we are customer-focused, helpful, and friendly. Similarly, our written words should be friendly & approachable, direct & definitive, human & spirited, and trustworthy.

Friendly & Approachable

Our communications are friendly, warm, and personable. Our brand is likeable and genuine, reinforcing our collaborative approach and customer focus. Content should be written as though you were writing to a friend –direct but professional and polite.

Usage Examples:

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At Beeline, we specialize in solutions that optimize the non-employee workforce. Everything we do is designed to save you money, reduce risks to your organization, and add value to your business through effective management of your entire non-employee workforce

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Tip: Emphasize “you” and “your” more than “we” or “our.” Focus on the reader/customer’s needs and interests.

Direct & Definitive

Our communications are insightful, pointed, and interesting. They are never complex, heavy handed, or ambiguous.

Usage Examples:

Why wait months for a conventional VMS implementation when you can gain workforce visibility and mitigate security and compliance risks in four weeks or less? With our new rapid VMS deployment process, Beeline can deliver a full-featured VMS that meets industry best-practice standards in less than one month, giving you almost instant visibility and control of your extended workforce.

Rapid Deployment description

Tip: Write clearly – and remember that English is not the first language for all of our customers. If your sentences are too long or too complicated, rewrite them. “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” – Ernest Hemingway.

Now more than ever, contingent workforce managers, procurement teams, and human resource professionals need a significantly enhanced toolkit to address C-Suite priorities. They need innovative solutions that can dramatically lower costs while boosting productivity. They need to find and engage the right people with the right skills — quickly — to deliver better customer value in an on-demand world. Most of all, they need solutions that will help their companies gain a competitive advantage, differentiate their business, and set up their organizations to win.

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Human & Spirited

Our communications are passionate, vibrant and dynamic, reflecting the enthusiasm of our organization and our challenger mentality. We are never impersonal, aggressive, or purely technical. Our content should use non-technical alternatives to technical terms when possible.

Usage Examples:

Do you have three, five, ten, or more customers who use Beeline or IQN VMS? Then you know how cumbersome it is to manage multiple logins for each customer. Discover how you can access all of your VMS customers using a single login.

Join Beeline’s product team for a demo and learn how to get started using Beeline One.

Beeline One email to MSPs

Unsure how to tackle your State of Work (SOW) initiatives? This infographic can help!

Check out these 10 simple steps to gain visibility into your SOW spend:

Link to Statement of Work infographic on Twitter

Tip: Are you excited about the service, or product, or information you are trying to convey? Then don’t make your writing dull or matter-of-fact. Use short words and short sentences. Punctuate it with periods. Or commas. (But don’t overuse exclamation points!)


We share an expert perspective that is confident, clear and grounded in experience. We are upfront and transparent in our communications to build trust with our client base. 

Usage Examples:

Total Workforce Optimization is actually very simple. It is nothing more than looking at your organization’s entire employee base and your non-employee base, putting them together, and determining the right mix to achieve your desired business outcome.

Total Workforce Optimization white paper

Tip: Don’t try to dazzle your reader/customer with hyperbole or technical jargon. Present your claims simply and support them with facts when appropriate.

A quick survey of the VMS industry will show you that Beeline service has always been second to none. (And we have the Stevie® awards to prove it.) But we’re always looking to improve. So we have recently taken steps to upgrade our Client Services, in order to provide more timely support and strengthen the resources dedicated to customer life-cycle support.”

Client Service and Support Model data sheet